In Memoriam

In remembrance of our dear Prince Alireza…  with the hope that his dreams for our homeland are realized.

به یاد شاهپور علیرضا عزیز — به امید اینکه این شب سیاه سحر شود



Prince Alireza Pahlavi left us on January 4, 2011. At the time he was studying for his doctorate at Harvard University. He will be remembered always as our loved one, our friend, a worthy son of Iran and distinguished Prince of Iran. 

Prince Alireza Pahlavi was born in Tehran, Iran on April 28th, 1966. He attended primary school at Lycée Razi in Tehran from 1970 to 1974 and Reza Pahlavi School in Tehran from 1974 to 1979. He attended secondary school at St. David’s School in New York City from 1979 to 1980 and high school at American College in Cairo, Egypt from 1980 to 1981 and Mt. Greylock Regional High School in Williamstown, Massachusetts from 1981—1984. He received his B.A. (Music/Ethnomusicology) from Princeton University in 1988 and his M.A. (Ancient Iranian Studies) from Columbia University in 1992. He was studying for his doctorate at Harvard University. Prince Alireza was a skilled, licensed pilot, taking his first solo flight at age 12. He was passionate about sky diving, scuba diving, reading and Iranian culture.


This poem was written for Prince Alireza by his friend Mehrnaz Ghaffari commemorating his unbearable loss.

Banished Children of Iran

For Ali Reza
Prince and Brother, Beloved Son and Friend
With you we mourn the loss
of a childhood incomplete,
Of our once proud Nation whose fall we
witnessed in the shadow of the night
Of a beloved homeland seized and denied us
I speak of the banished children of Iran.
With you we mourn innocence lost,
A time when the air we breathed was sweet and full of promise
Like the limitless horizon of our Caspian Sea,
That magical place where our childhood laughter
will ring out loud for eternity
We mourn with you silently that Paradise Lost
May you return to that place on your mystical journey Your Highness!
And through your sacrificial journey fulfill in us all
that burning and undying longing for Home.

 M.Ghaffari  – Jan 7th 2011